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Resistivity Of Nichrome Wire Lab Report Wire Center

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Lovingheartdesigns - Resistivity of nichrome experiment physics forums. Every year we do an experiment to find the resistivity of nichrome wire, and every year the result is the same: 5 x 10^ 7 instead of 1 x 10^ 6 for the life of me i haven't been able to track down why it's a factor of 2 off we use a wheatstone bridge that has a 1 m length nichrome wire stretched over a meter stick. Resistivity if a nichrome wire a level science marked. To do this i will measure the resistance of the nichrome wire at different lengths and from this i will be able to work out the resistance using the equation: apparatus apparatus range accuracy purpose quantity nichrome wire n a n a this is the wire that i will be calculating the resistivity for. Resistivity objective city university of new york. Using formula 3 , calculate resistivity of the metal the wire is made calculations fig 4 voltage wire as a function of current passing through it currentacross the voltage characteristic of the wire slope of this dependence equals resistance of the wire. To measure the resis tivity of the materi al of a wire. The resistivity of nichrome is 100 10 8 ? m at 20 c the resistivity of manganin is 48 10 8 ? m at 20 c the resistivity values given depends on composition of the alloys used. Experiment to measure the resistivity of a wire. Carry out the above process for the other constantan wire and both nichrome wires analysis for each wire plot a graph of resistance y axis against length the resistance of a wire is given by the equation: r = l a where r is resistance, is resistivity, l is length and a is cross sectional area. Resistivity of nichrome the physics factbook. Nichrome, a non magnetic alloy that is commonly made up of 80% nickel and 20% chromium, has a resistivity ranging from 1 10 10 6 ?m to 1 50 10 6 ?m 0 00000110 ?m to 0 00000150 ?m and a very high boiling point ~1400 c with such a low resistivity and high boiling point, this makes nichrome a very good conductor of electricity and ideal material for making wires and other insulation devices. An experiment to find the resistivity of nichrome gcse. Investigating how the resistance of nichrome wire depends on its length material of wire nichrome is an alloy mixture of nickel and chromium changing the size and proportions of these metal atoms can either increase or decrease the resistance. An investigation into the resistance of a wire gcse. For example, when the length of the wire is 20cm the resistance is 3 14 ohms; when the length of the wire is 40cm the resistance is 6 18 ohms, which is roughly double in my main investigation i will see if this observation applies to my results. Temperature coefficient of resistivity. Example, nichrome wire, used as a heating element in most space heaters, practically does not change its resistance in the temperature range between 0 o c and 100 o c fig 2a illustrates this dependence, and it could be approximated by eq. Save my assessments!: resistance lab report. The resistance of nichrome wire is higher than copper wire, with the formula v=ir, the resistance of nichrome wire is ohms and the resistance for copper wire is 0 258 ohms data analysis different types of materials have different resistance, where they have different ways of transferring the electrons from one another due to their electron alignment.

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Resistivity Of Nichrome Wire Lab Report Wire Center

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