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Who Made the Church Chair? Obviously someone has to make the chairs that you will be considering for your church. Try to find out who that really is. There are numerous domestic chair dealers and distributors who have nothing to perform with actually producing/manufacturing of worship seating. Rather, plants in China and anywhere else contact them and ask these to sell their chairs. The factories are trying to move all their chairs so they allow the chair dealers and vendors to private label those office chairs in any way they would like. The domestic dealers and suppliers will then market those religious chairs in such a way as to provide the impression they are actually building the chairs when in actuality they are just purchasing all of them and reselling them. Just how does your church discover if they are working with an actual domestic-based producer of church chairs or maybe a reseller for an independent overseas factory? Our recommendation is to ask questions such as these: Who actually owns the tooling that made these church seats? Who do the molds belong to? Can you provide a copy of your quality control process? How much time have you been making this same seat? Can you provide the names of some church customers so, who purchased this same chair then? If answers to these issues and others seem evasive and forced, chances are the church recliners you are considering are actually produced by an intentionally hidden entity.

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